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We can assist you with admissions, counseling, test prep, documents, visas, financial aid, pre-departure, and post-arrival support for studying abroad.

Educational Counselling

We offer consultations to help students explore study opportunities abroad. Guide you to choose a course and university that does justice to your talent and potential. Offer the best course and country for you, by considering the changing world, job market, personal aspiration, aptitude, financial condition, etc. Provide Information on different countries, cultures, and education systems.

Program selection

Guidance on choosing the right course and university. Help you to shortlist courses, offering you multiple options across institutions in your preferred study destination and help you finalize the most suited course from shortlisted ones. Guidance on career pathways based on chosen courses.

Admissions Assistance

Assistance with the application process, including document preparation. Support in understanding admission requirements and eligibility criteria. Ensure a complete, error-free application for the student backed by consistent follow-ups with universities to ensure expedited admissions. Assistance in verifying and authenticating educational documents. Guidance on meeting document requirements for admissions.

Visa Guidance

Assistance with visa applications and documentation. Guidance on visa processes and requirements for different countries. Prepare students for their visa interview through mock interview sessions.

Scholarship Assistance

Information on available scholarships and financial aid.Assistance in applying for scholarships and grants.

Help & Support

Providing assistance and support services to students after they arrive at their study destination, including orientation sessions and ongoing guidance throughout their academic journey abroad.

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